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What is Stewardship?
Christian Stewardship is all about becoming good caretakers of all that God has given us. Think about all that God has given us – our health, our family, our opportunities in life, our intelligence, our talents. God has given each of us special and unique gifts, and through Holy Scripture we are taught that all that we have is a loan. He lends everything to us, and reminds us that one day He will ask us to give a detailed account of what we have done with the gifts He has given us. How have we used our time, our talents, and our treasure? Have we used them in a self-centered way or in God-glorifying ways? Archbishop Anastasios of Albania has noted that “we find ourselves by offering ourselves.” Have we learned the blessedness of generously giving to others of all that we have? 

Stewardship consists of three elements:  Talent, Time and Treasure.  Each one requires parishioners to "give of themselves".  In Talent, Stewardship requires us to use our talents for the benefit of the Church.  For Time, Stewardship requires us to give our time to help towards the mission of the church.  Finally, Treasure requires us to give towads the financial sustenance of our parish.  Our Metropolitan Nicholas calls this the "Jesus Pocket".  We should give from our hearts, not simply as a second thought.

Current Stewardship Information

Have you completed your Stewardship Card for 2019?  Have you donated towards your commitment for 2019?  Please remember that our St. Nicholas Church depends on the monies donated by our parishioners to pay our expenses, including salaries, health insurance, upkeep, and yes, utilities.  Please be generous in your commitment to our St. NIcholas Church as we continue to expand programs and offerings to our parishioners.

Below are the current Stewardship financials for our St. Nicholas Church.  We are presently running at a deficit and need YOUR help.

Stewardship - General Fund (11/10/2019)
  Current Status Target Variance
# of Stewards 379 500 (121)
Dollars Pledged $287,919 $500,000 ($212,081)
Dollars Received $284,731 $500,000 ($215,269)
Stewardship - Building/Development Fund (02/28/2019)
  Current Status Target Variance
# of Stewards 120    
Dollars Pledged $ 36,900    
Dollars Received $ 26,247    

Note:  There are 154 people that are contributing to our St. Nicholas Parish but did not complete a Stewardship card for 2019.  To assist with budgeting of activities, please help by completing a 2020 Stewardship Card.

Ways to Donate to St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas has provided multiple ways to donate to our Parish. 

  • Our General Fund (also known as our Fair Share Pledge) is used to fund all of the daily expenditures for the church. 
  • Our Building/Development Fund is used to fund building expansions and significant capital projects that affect the overall structure of the facility.  Examples include new A/C Units, painting, building expansions, etc.
  • Our Scholarship Fund is used by the Parish to fund College Scholarships for St. Nicholas students attending undergraduate or graduate programs.  
  • Our Endowment Fund is used to fund the future programs and growth of our Parish.  Please see the Endowment Page for additional information.
Paying for St. Nicholas Activities
Traditionally, the only way to Donate to St. Nicholas or its many programs and ministries was to write a check to the Parish or to one of its organizations.  This can be cumbersome if a person is unable to write or travel to the Parish.  Thanks to technology, we have found another way.

On our web site, we have included a "Donate" button at the top of each web page.  This new feature allows everyone to donate towards the many programs of our Parish.  You can use your credit card or checking/savings account to donate to the many ministries of our Parish.  Reoccurring donations can also be set up easily.  

To use our online Donate feature, press the "Donate" button at the top if each page (or click here) and you will be redirected to our financial institution for St. Nicholas's On-Line donation feature.

Also, the Church Staff has created a Help Guide to aid our parishioners with donating on-line via our website.  Please click here to access this guide.

Completing the 2020 Stewardship Card
St. Nicholas offers its parishioners a simple mechanism for completing their 2020 Stewardship Card.  In addition to the paper card available for completion through the church office, we now offer an online form to complete this card.  Click Here to use this feature to complete your 2020 Stewardship Card.

Click here to learn more about the 2020 Stewardship Campaign at St. Nicholas.  

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