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St. Nicholas J. O. Y.

What Is The St. Nicholas J. O. Y. Group?

The J.O.Y. (Junior Orthodox Youth) of St. Nicholas offers a place and a time for our younger Orthodox faithful to come together and deepen their faith, their friendships, and even begin to learn the spirit of charity through their various service projects to the church and one another!

Events & Activities

Our annual bowling party kicks off the year as the kids let out some energy and see old friends after a long summer.

Our pool party breaks up the monotony of winter, and everyone is more than ready to jump in to the pool after some pizza and a bit of catechism while they digest.

The highlight of our year is Faith and Fun week: an entire week dedicated to learning our faith through catechism and song, as well as growing together through arts and crafts and field games!

Each year we plant flowers, with little green thumbs helping to beautify our church grounds.

At our Lenten Retreat, our children give some time and help to prepare the palms for Palm Sunday.

J. O. Y. Leadership

Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Carol Gaggos J. O. Y. Advisor
Tasia Stavropoulos J. O. Y. Advisor

Joining St. Nicholas J. O . Y.

To register your children for the St. Nicholas J. O. Y. Group, please contact either Carol Gaggos or Tasia Stavropoulos.  Stephen:  This will be an online registration

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