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St. Nicholas College Connection

What Is The St. Nicholas College Connection?
As our kids go on to school—sometimes close to home, and other times far away— it is important that they stay connected to their St. Nicholas family.  Our College Connection Ministry by establishing and maintaining contact with each of our high school graduates as they evolve through their college studies.   

The St. Nicholas College Connection collects and catalogues information of our beloved parishioners who have graduated high school and moved on to further studies.  We assemble and send send care packages  these students throughout the year, and we try to keep them in the loop by sending important emails about activities happening at St. Nicholas, as well as within our Metropolis of Detroit.

When your student begins college in September, be sure to provide us with their updated contact information so that we can tell them that we miss them!

Events & Activities
We want our students to feel as they are still connected to their St. Nicholas Parish.  Thus, the College Connection Ministry assembles and sends care packages to our students twice a year.  Each care package offers both some items to help students maintain an Orthodox life while at college as well as some goodies to help them along.

Current Leadership

Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Darlene Peers Chairperson (248) 421-0058 
Dr. Sophia Masters Chairperson (248) 761-8390

Registering For College Connection

To register your student's, please contact Darlene Peers or Sophia Masters via the contact information provided above.  Please be sure to include student's name, college/university name, mailing address, phone number if available, and email address.


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