Catechism Classes


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Catechism School

Mission & Objectives

  • To educate our younger generation religiously and morally, and to give them the tools to grow spiritually, in accordance with the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and according to the Holy Traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church.
  • To develop in our young people the need and sincere desire to attend all Church Services of our Faith on a regular basis, and the need and sincere desire to participate conscientiously in the worship and sacramental life of the Greek Orthodox Church.                                                             
  • To cultivate in our young people a Greek Orthodox conscience, as well as devotion to our religious-cultural ideals and principles and to prepare them in order that they may become faithful, unwavering and devoted members of our Greek Orthodox Church, the community


Administration – General Information

1. Academic Year

  • Our Catechism School Academic Year begins in September and ends the following June.
  • Registration Sunday and the First Day of Church School Classes are usually the first Sunday after Labor Day.
  • Graduation is on a Sunday close to the beginning of June.
  • Specific dates appear on the on-line Church calendar.


2. Student Eligibility

  • Our Catechism School accepts children ages 3 through 12th Grade.
  • To enroll in a particular Academic Year, a child’s 3rd birthday must have occurred before the start of the Academic Year (which is defined as October 1st).


3. Registration

  • Registration in Catechism School is not automatic. Families need to register their children for each new Academic Year.
  • Students should be registered for Catechism School prior to the start of the Academic Year.
  • Click here to register today!


4. Divine Liturgy and Classes

  • Catechism School students must be in Church by 10:00 AM every Sunday and attend the Divine Liturgy with their teachers.
  • Church attendance on Sunday is a requirement of our Catechism School curriculum.
  • Our children must attend the Divine Liturgy properly to establish a sense of order, duty, and to appreciate what is important to us as Greek Orthodox Christians.
  • After the reading of the Gospel students will proceed to their classrooms for lessons.
  • Some classes will return to church where the children will receive antidoron.
  • The time allotted for in-class instruction is approximately 50 minutes. Classes typically end by 12:00 PM. There may be occasions, however, when extra time may be required to finish a lesson.


5. Attendance and Tardiness

  • Classes start at 10:00 AM sharp (being present for the Divine Liturgy is a requirement of the curriculum).
  • In-class instruction begins immediately after the Reading of the Gospel.
  • Students must be in class on time so as not to disrupt instruction.
  • Teachers take attendance each Sunday.
  • Students can make up absences by attending services during Great Lent and other Feast days during the year. Advise teacher or Catechism office of attendance to receive credit.
  • Students can record attendance for attending service at another Orthodox church with a note from the priest or Catechism Directors of church attended.


6. Charitable Outreach Mission Program & Fundraiser

  • Our Catechism School (Preschool through 12th grade) participates in major Outreach Missions & fundraisers programs during a year:
    • Children feeding other Children” to gather food for the needy in our communities (Southeastern Oakland Shelter—S.O.S.).
    • Raise funds for the “Orthodox Christian Mission Center (O.C.M.C.) during Great Lent.
    • Through these projects our children learn to share with others thereby practicing the virtue of Christian charity.
    • One additional project will be the Crowns” for cancer patients at Karmanos Cancer Center and Mott children’s Hospital Ann Arbor.
    • The exact dates when these Outreach Mission Programs & fundraisers appear in the Church School calendar.

7. St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival

  • Information about the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival will be available once the office has received the topics.
  • All Church School students must participate in the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival at the parish level.


8. Award Pins

     A student will be given credit:

  • If he/she attends at least 30 days
  • Serves in the Altar
  • Class participation 
  • Reads the Epistle
  • The St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival either by writing a paper for class and/or participating in the festival at the parish level.
  • Stewardship participation
  • Participating in catechism & church activities
  • Extra credit at the teacher discretion


9. Discipline

  • If a student disrupts the class (because of poor behavior) to the point where the lesson for the day cannot continue reasonably, the teacher will refer that pupil to the Catechism Director(s) who will handle each case according to their discretion.
  • If necessary, the Director will refer the matter to the Priest.


Karen Cosmos, Margaret Theofanous
Catechism Directors

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