Basketball/O.Y.A.A. (Orthodox Youth Athletic Association)

Director/Contact: Perry Kardasis

The O.Y.A.A. began in 1960, based out of only four churches. It purposed to provide an organized athletic league for Orthodox young people living in and around Detroit, and has grown to include almost all area churches in Metropolitan Detroit and Windsor. The Basketball program is especially active, with teams practicing multiple times throughout the week and playing throughout the weekend. St. Nicholas has 7 basketball teams, beginning from Biddy C at age 7, and reaching even to adult teams, such as the 18+ Men’s team.

The season typically runs from November to March, and practices are scheduled on Mondays or Thursdays, depending on your team. Coaches come from within the parish community, and this helps to build relationships within our church as well as encourage a spirit of sportsmanship proper to our faith even in the midst of the most exciting games!