Who are we?

The Argonauts group is made up of the wisest, most experienced members of the St. Nicholas Community. It is an active group and, like fine wine, only gets better with age. The Argonauts gather at least on a monthly basis, and often more regularly, to spend some time in fellowship with each other as well as with friends from other local Orthodox churches.

Monthly Luncheons:

Each month, all look forward to the Argonauts’ luncheon, which takes place sometimes in our church hall, and other times at nearby restaurants. The February luncheon is one of the most highly anticipated, as Valentine’s Day treats can be found gracing the tables along with the rest of the meal. The Basilopita Luncheon in January, as well as the Lenten Potluck Luncheon, are also especially loved.


A few times a year, the group travels together. It has visited places like: Holy Trinity Monastery in Smiths Creek, Frankenmuth, Mount Pleasant, and even Stratford, Canada.