1936 The Greek Orthodox Church of the North Side
The Greek Orthodox Church of the North Side, as St. Nicholas was originally named, came into being at a meeting on March 9, 1936 at the home of Gust Petropoulos in Detroit, MI. In addition to Mr. Petropoulos, the gentlemen present included Messrs. W. Barr (Barbatiotis), E. Broussalis, G. Caralis, G. Conn (Kalopesis), G. Demetriades, J. Dritsas, S. Efthiman, K. Giannios, G. Kalyvas, N. Kyriakou, M. Mihalakis, A. Paterikes, C. Stamos, and B. Stathakis.

During a meeting held on March 29, 1936, the first official parish council was elected. The founding members were Nicholas Kyriakou (President), Christ Stamos (Vice-President), Gust Petropoulos (Treasurer), Michael Mihalakis (Secretary), Panayiotis Bakalis, George Lionakis, William Barr, Alexander Mastroyiannis, John Dritsas, Anestis Pasterikis, Spyridon Fakalos, Basil Stathakis, Kyriakos Giannios, John Vintzel, Bill Ioannou, Panayiotis Zervos.  General meetings of the parish were held at 242 Victor, Detroit, MI., while parish council meetings were held at the homes of Messrs. Nicholas Kyriakou and Christ Stamos.