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COVID-19 Update from St. Nicholas

20200324 - COVID-19 Parish Update

For donating to St. Nicholas, you can donate online via our website.  Click Here to access our Donate Now utility.   Here are instructions to help you navigate the Donate Now Tool.  

Candles Online        
Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the church has been closed to both visitors and parishioners.  We realize that parishioners would like to light vigil candles at St. Nicholas, so we are starting a “Candles Online” program.  St. Nicholas is offering to light candles for those that mail in their check, or please click here to donate $ 5.00 each for a vigil candle and a parish council member will light the candle on Sunday.  If you need help with using the on-line donation feature, click here for simple instructions.

Click Here to read the Encyclical Letter from Metropolitan Nicholason March 23rd regarding COVID-19 and church activities.

Based on our status at St. Nicholas, Metropolitan Nicholas has put the following procedures in place for St. Nicholas.  Click here for details.

Click Here to read information directly from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).